Crypto Week Results

Crypto Week Result:

▪️ JPMorgan sinks bitcoin as a replacement for gold, and the SEC approves ETFs for companies with BTC on their balance sheets. The market is being sold the idea that the rise in early October to $56,000 in momentum is the start of something bigger and Q4 will be the best in cryptocurrency history 🤔

▪️ Bitcoin’s market share rose 2.2% over the week, rising to 45.45% in the moment. This is due to the fact that altcoins are falling one by one, but in the general mass standing still. A very good sign of a healthy growth of BTC, let’s see if this trend will continue next week 😉

▪️ The title of HYIP of the week rightfully goes to SHIBA INU, the token is in the top 20 cryptocurrencies and is the most traded on Coinbase. And SHIBA INU found its support and hints at the possibility of continuing the plunge 🤑

🔥 Top of the week:
– SHIBA INU – $0.00002632 (↑229%)
– Stacks – $2.29 (↑69%)
– Klaytn – $1.81 (↑50%)

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