Let’s hit the Zeitgeist sale

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Let’s hit the Zeitgeist sale

Let’s try to get accounts on tokensoft😅 again.

From the last experience it was hard to score, but every scored account could be sold for $300, or now about $2000 already scored for $500.🔥

This time we have a project that will parachute in Kusama
They are offering not really clear thing, some predictions, bets… As I understand you can make a bookie on their platform🎰

🐦 Pretty popular twitter, Acala, Astar, RMRK, Bifrost, Shiden follow it… Basically the tops from halfcadot ecosystem, which means there will be partnerships, there will be hype, there will be x’s 🤑

Selling 8 M tokens at $1.25 which values the project at $125 M at full unlocks and about $22 M on the date of tokens👌

Allocation per account $500-3000🔥
Total gets you about 3,400 seats

⏰Start registration at 17:00 MSK

Register here🚀https://contribute.zeitgeist.pm/

More details about tokenomics here

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