🪂Stader possible Airdrop

The essence of the project – They plan to increase the profitability of staking on projects of different blockchains (Terra, Solana, Cosmos, Near, Ethereum), apparently due to auto reinvestment and pouring their tokens on top 🚀

They have Coinbase ventures and Pantera capital and so you can not be lazy to register in whitelsit, moreover the registration is not complicated

On their site (https://staderlabs.com/) there is a button „Join secret whitelist”🤫 on the page which says:

The information submitted by users will be used to select users for the official Stader Labs launch and all users participating in the launch will be given preferences for the upcoming Mainnet updates and future AIRDROPS 🪂

What to do.

1) Enter your name and email here

2) Reply to the email „Yes, I got it”.

Done 🥳

Just in case, let’s go to the cart – https://t.me/staderlabs
and Discord – https://discord.com/invite/STDGMzN87X