AutoMatic is a new project on Lightning’s luncheonpad

AutoMatic is a yield aggregator for Quickswap (Polygon), the project is under Lightning incubation, audits from Hacken are already passed

Before that, Lightning already had 2 yield aggregator projects – Blizzard in Avalanche network (x40) and Revault in BSC network (x6.5), now waiting for X’s from AutoMatic 😉

Sale Details:

  • IDO price: $15.68
  •  Listing price: $16.66
  • Listing cap: $1,249,500
  • Allocate Payment: On the BSC network for BNB
  • Listing: on the Polygon network at Quickswap


Now you don’t have to anstack your LIGHT tokens to participate in Lightning seals

📆 Sale will be held today, October 25th at 21:00 (UTC) at