All at Flow Fest for NFT!

Flow Fest ( ), an online festival celebrating the anniversary of the biggest virtual X’s will take place with Dapper Labs, Flowverse, and The First Mint from October 12-15, 2021. The upcoming hangout will take place online!

👉Large drops of Mystery NFT Packs are expected, and festival attendees will receive rare and random Flow ecosystem NFTs.

What you need to do:
Join Discord ( ).
A surprise is not out of the question for those who join early!

Festival Program:
▫️ During the three days, speakers from new and leading projects in the Flow universe will present a series of materials.
▫️ Until the end of November, the festival will continue with releases from various NFTs.

👉A year ago, Flow IDO members on Coinlist made one of the best investments of their lives. Many of us didn’t get on that train. Let’s try to grab at least a piece of the pie, especially since NFTs from such powerful projects are not lying on the road.

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